That. Is. Amazing.

Ohmygosh. Brilliant

i don’t get it.. :(

^ because a thief would assume all the locks are locked, and therefore try to unlock all six. Since three aren’t, those ones would be locked in the attempt.

I just have to point out, when you unlock a lock, no matter what, it unlocks to the right. I don’t know of  any that unlock to the left, so thus the thief would know if hes locking or unlocking the lock. It would be the first thing they check for.

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xsuzakuxx: You definitely have one of the best spades cosplay I have ever seen. Keep up the fantastic work!

Why thank you so much! I try my hardest haha.


When called, they each came for different reasons.

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A month of bearding all for this GIF.

It was worth it

he literally sneezed and became sweet bro

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Artist: Kylee Henke
Song: The 12 Trolls of Christmas (NEW 2012 EDITION)
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My Flame Princess cosplay from PMX this year!

Also, I’ve just decided to start doing Flame Princess wig commissions =)  Here’s my Etsy listing:

Man! She was so perfect! Her wig was to DIE for.

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the midnight crew in 

school daze 

(featuring me as Deuce and thebkw as Slick)

Oh hey. Its me. And those are Trader Joe’s Scottie Dogs yes.

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Hello everyone.

My family has been in the movie business now for 70 years, and above are some of our iconic images. Everything from the Terminator with Cameron, to one of our latest works with Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom. We helped create childhood memories with the Pillbury Doughboy and for any of you older folk, Land of the Lost! That was the work of my great grandfather, Gene Warren Sr. who started the business in 1942, before television really had any meaning. He helped create the advertisement industry of today, from Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate to the first Big Mac commercial.

My father, Christopher Warren, wants to honor my great grandfather and pay homage to his legacy. To do so, were creating a documentary on our family history called Generation FX, as our family has been in the special effects industry. From blowing bridges in Mothman, hospitals in Hellboy, and shattering classic Mortal Combat characters, old school special effects (No digital) is my family’s passion.

So if you’d like to help us out, were doing a kickstarter campaign to raise money towards spreading our family’s history. Were aiming for $100,000, and in kickstarter terms these days, it isn’t much, and every penny counts! Some of our rewards include some of these props and images being given out, from prints to actual remade models from the original molds of the some of our characters. 

Also, I forgot to add our family has two academy awards. Both in special effects, one for Terminator 2 and one for the original Time Machine. 

Thanks for reading!

And here’s the link for any one who is willing to help!